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Indomas Interior is an  SPC Flooring Supplier based in Jakarta, Indonesia operating in the retail, restaurant & café, office and residential sectors.

About Us

This is who we are and what we do

How we work

THINK. For commercial clients, every project starts with our team building a clear and detailed understanding of the client’s brand, products and services as well as what the client wants to achieve from their brand through the design project. Designing can only start after the designer has understood the brand and its commercial objectives.

IMAGINE. A design brief will be prepared by Iconic Design detailing the client’s objectives and budget. Preliminary design concepts will then be created which will help the client and the designer to formulate and agree a clear design direction from both aesthetic and functional points of view.

DESIGN. Phase 3 involves the preparation of detailed 3D renderings and technical drawings of the interior and furnishings.

BUILD. A solid design process will result in strong foundations from which to start the construction phase which starts with the development of a detailed listing of the type and quantity of materials that will be used to build the project. This is followed by a build tender with one or more contractors and the selection of the contractor after the client and Iconic Design have reviewed the quotations.

What you can expect

Whether it’s your home, office, store or restaurant, we understand that you are putting your trust in our team to manage your project with sensitivity, discipline and professionalism. We understand that every client wants the very best in terms of design and value for money. We commit to always balance the design vision with a strong sense of responsibility to achieving the best possible results at the best possible cost.

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